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Hi. My name is Jessica and like to blog and reblog anything that recollects some sort of human memory that is buried deep in the subconscious layer of that beautiful mind of yours and of mine. Anything that helps progress our mind into an organic thought and takes us on a journey into the mind's eye. So we can see ourselves. Where we want to be. Who we want to be. What it is we strive for in our perverse culture that wants nothing more than to dumb us down and tell us that we are nothing more than slabs of pavement serving only the purpose of being stepped on in the crowed streets of those who believe they own us. Which is a lie. We are capable of organic thought. Organic lives. Change. So this blog is one full of images and quotes that promote growth/innocence/ sound/smell/love/anger/bitterness/art/sex/desire/vibrations/colour/depth/pain/faith/music and above all- reality. Feel free to inbox me whenever your little heart desires. xx